Tuesday, 16 August 2011

fonts (class, styles) for new academic journal

I am involved with starting a new academic economics and finance journal. Thus, the world is our oyster---we can choose whatever looks we want to choose. Since I have a role, LaTeX is going to be our typesetting system.

Now, I want my authors to be able to install the latest TexLive and be able to format the article themselves, although we will do this for many of them. This means that I do not want any fonts or other required inputs that are proprietary, and that require anything unusual. It should work out of the box.

For fonts, I need a full complement of math with the text. cmr is out. Even though it is now scalable, it just has acquired too much of a "texy working paper" look at this point. I am thinking mathptmx. I also like the idea of sticking to one font for headings and text, if only because this won't create a garish amateurish look, and I can see myself committing a faux pas if I had to mix fonts. TUG lucida is out, not because it requires a purchase, but because it requires an installation. Would the TeX Gyre fonts offer some good suitable alternative to mathptmx? Again, I need something fairly complete.

What is considered to be the most sane BiBTeX bst format? (we use harvard.sty in economics.)

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